Chokkinna (チョッキンナ), also known as Scissors Head, is the second henchman of Janken the Great in Alex Kidd in Miracle World. He is a secondary antagonist who must be defeated at a Janken game in order to progress. Chokkinna appears at two points in the game: at the end of the Mt. Kave, and at the City of Radaxian.


Janken Minions

Chokkinna, Parplin and Gooseka

Chokkinna the Sly is a short humanoid with his head in the shape of scissors, as produced by the hand in the game, rock-paper-scissors. His appearance is similar in nature to those of Gooseka (Stone Head) and Parplin (Paper Head).

Appearances in gameEdit

Scissors-Head 1st battle

In Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Chokkinna is faced twice. The first of these, at the end of the Mt. Kave (the Volcano-like stage) is a simple game of Janken. Defeating him at the game reduces Chokkinna to a Rice Ball/Hamburger which Alex must take to complete the stage. However, losing the game (as with all rock-paper-scissors events) causes Alex to lose a life.

Scissors-Head 2nd battle

The second appearance of Chokkinna occurs in the City of Radaxian, the level after the Radaxian Castle. Again the game is rock-paper-scissors, but this time Scissors-Head doesn't go down so easily when defeated. Instead, his head becomes detached and attacks Alex, swinging in arcs from side to side. while his body shoots lethal pellets at Alex. Three punches to the head are required to defeated him this time.


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As with Gooseka and Parplin, both of Chokkinna's rock-paper-scissors games are scripted. Assuming Alex plays to win every time, Chokkinna will always choose the same sequence of moves in each game:

1st game
Round Chokkinna's choice Alex's best choice
1 Paper Scissors
2 Rock Paper
2nd game
Round Chokkinna's choice Alex's best choice
1 Scissors Rock
2 Scissors Rock

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