The Radaxian Castle
Stage 11 of Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Stage 10
Bingoo Lowland
Stage 12
The City of Radaxian

The Radaxian Castle is the castle of King Thunder and Prince Egle, located beyond Bingoo Lowland and the forests of Radaxian. It is the eleventh level of Alex Kidd in Miracle World.


The Radaxian Castle was inhabited by the royal family, including Alex Kidd, until the disappearance of King Thunder. Alex's twin brother, Egle, took control of the crown of Radaxian until the prince was overthrown and taken prisoner by the Tyrant, Janken. The castle is now inhabited by Monster Birds, Monster Frogs and the Stone-headed henchman, Gooseka. Alex must infiltrate the castle, save his brother, and retake the castle, thus continuing his hunt for The Crown.


The Radaxian Castle is the largest stage so far, and by far the most complex. Only Janken's Castle (later in the game) is more expansive.

Unlike previous levels, which are all horizontal- or vertical-scrolling, this stage scrolls in all four directions and can be traversed in all directions. Alex must travel through almost all rooms in order to complete the level.

Radaxian Castle full


Alex enters the first room through the main gate (from the left) and is immediately greeted by falling spikes. He has two choices here: If quick, Alex can run underneath the spikes before they fall, but make sure to jump over the pink skull box. If your timing isn't quick enough, back out of the room to the left side, and the screen will load from scratch when you re-enter the room. Alternatively, you can wait until the spikes have fallen, and jump between them. Then follow the ladder up to the next room.

The second room contains a Bat and a Flame, along with two large stone structures in "T" and "A" shapes. The flame shouldn't cause a problem, but the bat might. Firstly, jump and punch out the right hand side of the "A", and jump onto the middle shelf of it. Then knock out the other side and destroy the top-rightmost block of the "T". Jump up here, being careful not to hit the Bat, and up the ladder.

The third room consists of a stepped walkway with two gaps halfway along, a Monster Frog jumping on one of the blocks, and spikes top and bottom. Alex must climb the steps, jump the gaps (punching the frog while airborne), and exit to the right of the screen.

The fourth room contains three exits, excluding the entrance. A path to the right leads to a tricky route to an Extra Life, jumping over two Flames. A pit in the centre of the floor leads to the room with the Personal Letter to Nibana, however we will pick this up later from a different route. To the bottom right, past two Bats and a Scorpion is the correct route here. Go that way, avoiding the Bat, and punch out the blocks along the bottom. Go down the ladder to the next room (Note: you can't come back this way).

Down the ladder leads to a room with lots of blocks to the right, two pink skull boxes, a Flame and a Scorpion. Be cautious going left, as the ground will disappear from beneath your feet. Instead, go top right, through the breakable blocks and into the next room. Through another large array of breakable blocks will lead you to a ladder - be careful of the Bat! Down the ladder is a "?" box containing a Ghost. Up the ladder is the room containing Egle.

Egle Prison room

Egle in his prison cell

In the jail, where Egle is being held prisoner, is a selection of pink boxes with symbols on them (Fish, Waves, Star). Climb up and punch the Fish, then the Waves. This will release Egle, who will instruct Alex to collect the Personal Letter and proceed to the Nibana Kingdom to find the Moon-Light Stone. Following this, go back down the ladder and across to the left, back the way you came. This time, on reaching the room with the two pink skull boxes, go down the ladder at the bottom.

Now Alex is in a room with three moving Flames. Simply jump from ledge to ledge and exit to the left. This leads to another room with Flames, but this time with ladders. Climb and jump between ladders to reach the top-right corner ladder. Climb up and into the room with the letter. Then climb the steps to retrieve the letter and exit the way you came in.

This time, head for the down-ladder at the bottom-left. Climb down into the next room. Head right, and drop down through the gaps in the blocks. You can go left here by sliding under the bottom-left-most block, but the next room only contains a Telepathy Ball which you should already have. Head right from here.

The next room contains three spike blocks and a pink skull block. Run under the spikes, jump over the skull and quickly break the blocks to the right to continue. If you're too slow, you'll have to go back a room, and then try again. Exit this room to the right.

This room contains three moving Flames. With careful timing, Alex can evade the three Flames and reach the ladder at the top. Don't attempt to jump over the last Flame. Simply stay close enough to make it up the ladder before it gets you. The up-ladder leads to the second battle with Gooseka.

Battle with GoosekaEdit

Stone-Head 2nd battle

The second battle with Gooseka (Stone-Head) is similar to the first, in that you must play rock-paper-scissors with him. This time, he will choose Rock both times, so Alex must choose Paper both times to win. After this, instead of turning to a Rice Ball/Hamburger, he will continue to fight. Gooseka's head will become detached, and it will come after you. Punch it three times to defeat him.


The background music here is significantly darker than the previous levels. The slow, heavy music has a spooky, sinister sound to it, which gives an old, haunted image of the castle. This music is later reused for the Janken's Castle level.


It is possible to complete this level without rescuing Egle, by dropping down the pit in the fourth room. However, going this way will not award the letter, meaning Alex will be unable to acquire the Hirotta Stone in the Nibana Kingdom making it more difficult to get The Crown at the end of the game.